Thank you Netflix

September 09, 2018

Photo credit: Netflix Media Center

It wasn’t an easy decision, voluntarily choosing to leave Netflix after 4 and a half years. It was a decision I mulled over for months. I mulled over this decision because Netflix is the MOST AMAZING place I’ve ever worked. I know that I will compare all future employers to the Netflix culture and the experiences I’ve had here. I am forever grateful for being able to experience Netflix for as long as I did. For this, I give thanks.

Thank you Netflix, for taking a bet on me and the giving me the opportunity to join the Engineering Tools team.

Thank you Netflix, for giving me an opportunity to manage the fledgling Build Tools team, soon after joined.

Thank you Netflix, for allowing me to stoke the flames of “developer productivity” at Netflix, a space that continues to grow.

Thank you Netflix, for the gift of the culture memo (formerly the culture deck), an evolving cultural artifact and model for others.

Thank you Netflix, for showing me how pivotal having a high trust culture can be to high performance teams.

Thank you Netflix, for pushing me to be a better partner to my peers and while fostering a culture of collaboration over competition.

Thank you Netflix, for the gift of feedback, which has pushed me to be a better colleague, manager and human being.

Thank you Netflix, for challenging me to be great at recruiting and for the experience of hiring great people.

Thank you Netflix, for all the scale, both in the cloud as well as in the development ecosystem…​I learned at ton.

Thank you Netflix, for teaching me about the value of guardrails over gates, and embracing freedom.

Thank you Netflix, for showing me a different way of building and deploying software…​I am definitely a huge advocate of baking.

Thank you Netflix, for providing me with the space to grow as a software engineering leader.

Thank you Netflix, for making me a better public speaker…​and for giving me so much to talk about!.

And most importantly, thank you Netflix for all of my stunning colleagues, many of whom I will miss working with dearly. The density of talent sans brilliant jerks is rare to behold indeed.

It is, with this, that I say goodbye to Netflix. I love you and I will miss you, but it is time for me to move on. Even though you are far from perfect, but I know you will only get better. I will watch from afar and cheer you on.

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