DC Tech Ops Meetup Alliance (aka the Super Friends)

February 21, 2013

On Tuesday night, my meetup group (DC Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment Group) joined forces with a number of other groups to present the most awesome gathering we have ever known.  The meeting was the brainchild of Nathen Harvey, who runs the DevOpsDC and MongoDC user groups and works for OpsCode as their Technical Community Manager.  Nathen sent an email with the subject of 'DC Tech Ops Meetup Alliance (aka the Super Friends)'...how could I not be in.

The meeting brought together Big Data DC, Crabby Admins - LOPSA, Baltimore Chapter, DC Agile Software Testing Group (DCAST), DC Continuous Integration, Delivery, & Deployment Group, DevOpsDC, LOPSA DC - The League of Professional System Administrators, NOVA MySQL, Arlington Ruby and DC Ruby User Group.

For the meeting, we brought in some great speakers.  First, we had Avleen Vig and Patrick McDonnell from Etsy to talk about Ops School.  Here's the video:

After Avleen and Patrick, Theo Schlossnagle, CEO of OmniTI  was up next.  We were lucky enough that he gave two presentations.  The first was a short presentation on How to Tie Your Shoes the Right Way (I love the unicorns):

Next, Theo gave a great presentation on careers.  It was spot on and definitely worth watching.  Here's the video:

I want to send a special thank you to Nathen for making this all happen.  It was a great night.  I definitely look forward to further collaborations between DevOpsDc and my meetup.  If you are looking for the original meeting invite, here it is.  Enjoy the videos.

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